The mane man

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Petra & Norbert

Norbert and Petra from the Netherlands enjoyed their holiday in Nepal, and the hair sharing was definitely a highlight! Norbert seems to suit the leonine look – perhaps the couple will explore hair sharing possibilities in Africa on their next trip? Sounds cool, as long as no one gets eaten!

Send in your holiday hair sharing snaps to


Intergenerational hair sharing

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Len & Laura

Len is deep in contemplation as daughter Laura lends him her locks. Hair sharing is clearly a spiritual experience for the select few.

How does hair sharing make *you* feel? We want to see photographic evidence, so send your images in to

The windswept look

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John & BeckyBecky shares her hair with John to help him create a windswept look. Mystical, especially with the fairy lights in the background. Now that we´re back up and running again after an interminable period of internet failure (thanks etisalat!), do send in your own pics to

It wasn´t me

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Tom & Louise

Tom plays innocent, but we can all see his own hair peeping out from underneath Louise´s tresses. Still, thank you to both parties for contributing to the Not a baldy gallery, never mind that they were pretty much press-ganged into it.

Now, we´re not going to force our readers to take photos as well (only because it´s more difficult to achieve in cyberspace than in real life) but it would be ace if you did send some in to

Do I look like RuPaul?

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Al & Lauren

Al´s not quite sure if he makes a credible RuPaul, but he´s going to give it his best shot. Hair courtesy of Lauren.

Which celebrity do you resemble when you borrow someone else´s hair? Show us the evidence by sending your pics to

Aw, he´s such a puppy

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Tom & Annmarie

Yet another happy hair sharing experience at the Irish Village. Thanks for being such good sports, Tom and Annmarie! Hopefully you´ll be an inspiration for other readers to send in their snaps to

Hair sharing goes global

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Fredrick & Annmarie

Yes, you heard us, we´re going global. What, you don´t believe us? Check out the picture above, which features Annmarie, from the UK, sharing her hair with Fredrick, from Kenya, at the Irish Village, in Dubai. We think it suits him 😉

Where in the world have you taken hair sharing pics? Send them through to directly.